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Jewellery Care Tips

Congratulations! You have just purchased something very precious for yourself or a loved-one and as such, it should be treated accordingly. Here are some simple and helpful tips to help you care for your jewellery and keep it in pristine condition:

  • Store your jewellery securely when it is not being worn. Keep each item in the box or pouch that it came in. Keeping your jewellery separated will prevent rubbing which can cause scratches and chips in gem stones.

  • Keep your jewellery and related documents (invoices, valuations, gem certificates and insurance details) in a secure place, like a safe.

  • Have your jewellery professionally cleaned and polished every 12-18 months, especially for items that you wear regularly like rings, earrings and necklaces. 

  • Take off your jewellery (especially rings) when performing physical tasks like exercising, cleaning and gardening. Also take off your jewellery when showering and swimming. The cleansers from shampoo’s and shower gels can result in rings slipping off and going down the drain. Also, the pool chlorines can tarnish the finish of your jewellery.

  • Select one section of your house for placing jewellery that you put on and take off regularly (such as a dresser or by a mirror). This will reduce the instances of misplacing and forgetting where you have taken off your jewellery.