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Diamond Sourcing

Purchasing a diamond can be a very stressful and confusing experience. There are so many factors to consider other than the basic quality features and the price. One wrong decision can end up leaving you thousands of dollars out of pocket and feeling worse for ware as well as a dissatisfied partner.

At Tok Jewellers, our diamond experts take away all the confusion, clearly explain all the quality features to you in store with live examples, and then source you the perfect diamond for your needs. We don’t just offer the same diamond filter sliders that you find everywhere online.

Most of the online diamond sellers are all selling off the same international trading platform, each with their own profit margin. At Tok Jewellers, we do it better. Not only do we have access to that same trading platform, but we also have direct access to the mines and the cutters, ensuring we find you the right diamond at the right price. Contact us today to start your diamond journey. 

Diamond Sourcing
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