Tok Jewellers

Casting & Cleaning

Our casting team boasts over 40 years experience in producing superior casting results with a 95% consistent success rate with all of our castings (most which come out porosity free). The casting team has perfected an extremely timed and delicate process to ensure each and every casting you get from us is consistent.

We understand that cleaning raw castings must be done with great care otherwise your casting can be damaged. Because of this we offer 3 levels of gentle cleaning:

  • 1st Steam blasting (this will not remove any metal what so ever) this is standard with all of our castings and is included in the casting fee
  • 2nd Pickle Bath (this removes any oxidation and stains that may have occurred during casting), there is an additional charge for this
  • 3rd Magnetic Pin Finish (the pins strip the outer layer of the casting evenly to bring a brilliant shine without causing any damage that bead blasters can cause) the pins we use are so fine that it will not remove any textures on the resins or waxes, we offer this at an additional fee.

At Tok Jewellers so long as we print the resin and cast with our metals we offer a lifetime guarantee on the raw castings to be free from defects such as porosity and brittleness.

We only use premium quality master alloys and pure granule gold, silver and platinum to ensure each and every casting is consistent.

The types of precious metals we cast on a day to day basis are:

  • Silver
  • 9ct Gold: White (palladium), Yellow & Rose
  • 14ct Gold: White (palladium), Yellow & Rose
  • 18ct Gold: White (palladium), Yellow & Rose
  • Platinum

At Tok Jewellers, we are able to cast with your supplied gold & silver as we understand your precious metal may have a strong sentimental value to you or you simply have a stock pile of gold and silver you wish to re-use. We offer this at an additional fee as a separate dedicated flask will need to be made up so we can return the left over precious metal back to you (pending there is enough metal for casting).

We cannot warrant or guarantee that your precious metal will successfully cast.