Tok Jewellers


At Tok Jewellers, we offer a plating service for precious metals, using only the highest quality solutions, machines and techniques to ensure lasting results.

Put simply, electro-plating is a process that involves putting a metal object (jewellery), into a bath (solution) and passing electricity through the bath to “coat” the metal with a microscopic layer of metal.

Rhodium is a precious metal, it belongs to a member of the platinum family. Rhodium solution (liquid), is used in an “electricity bath” also known as electroplating. It is used on jewellery to provide a microscopic surface that will resist light scratches, stop platinum, gold and silver from tarnishing and give an ultra-white reflective appearance to the precious metal.

No. Because diamonds and gemstones are NOT conductive. The process of electro-plating requires a current of electricity to run through the precious metal. Once electricity is passing through the metals, the electro-plating solutions will then bind to the metal causing the plating to take effect.

If you maintain your jewellery correctly (not scratching it), rhodium and gold plating should last at least one year before the coating starts to fade.

Rhodium plating can be used for yellow and rose gold, however, it will change the colour to white. Therefore, we only recommend rhodium plating for silver, white gold and platinum.

We offer electro-plating with two solutions:

  • Rhodium Plating (Brilliant White)
  • Gold Plating (Yellow)